Getting a Food Traceability Software? 4 Must-Know Reminders

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Agricultural Service


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Traceability is still a hot topic in the food industry, given how food manufacturers remain under pressure to ensure that they can trace their products. That’s essential to the quality and safety of their food. Make that task easier by using traceability software. That’s one way to gain greater control over recalls and lot tracking. Here’s what to look for.

Not All Systems are Equal

When you look for food traceability software, know that not all software programs are equal. Make a list of everything you need out of the software. That will help you determine which programs have the features that can provide much-needed support to your team.

Ask Questions to Help You Pick a Program

Prepare a list of questions that can help you narrow down your choices. How much information can the software system document and record? Is it easy to work on nutrient information? What about production scheduling or tracking down points of origin? Find out how far your software can track, whether forward or backward, in the supply chain. Also, is the tracking precision high? What technology and tools can you use to update your records with ease? Can you use the software for that purpose?

Consider the Features You Need

An effective traceability system should capture deep levels of details. It must also have lot tracking for raw materials, one that can be assigned with a shift to make tracking easier. You won’t need to worry about having to go through a day’s worth of inventory just to find the information you need.

Other Features to Look for

Your system must also have allergen tracking, enable speedy product recalls, and tracking goods from other countries. Also, does it provide QR codes? Make your processes more manageable with the right software. If you need traceability solutions, start checking out options.

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