Exciting Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Pre-school programs in Fairfield CT can be found that are exciting, build strength and flexibility, develop coordination, and are far from ordinary. Gymnastic classes are available for children as young as twelve months old and move in stages until children are six years of age. Participants learn new skills, make friends, and develop strong muscles. Beginning classes include music and circle time to prevent children from getting too overwhelmed. After that, there are classes for older children up to eighteen years, and adult classes as well.

Starting children in gymnastics at an early age helps them develop hand-eye coordination, flexibility, balance, independence, cooperation, and fine and gross motor skills. They also develop self-esteem, self confidence, healthy lifestyle habits, motivation, and discipline. All that development is happening while children are having fun, learning to interact with others, and are engaged in a variety of activities. They will not be bored, and will not miss the television or video games while in classes.

Classes are divided into age groups, with parents participating with their children until the age of three and a half. Instructors are certified and experienced, and the facility has Olympic quality equipment. In addition to regular pre-school programs in Fairfield CT, there are advanced and invitation only classes for children four to six years of age. The facility also has competitive teams that participate on a National level. Summer camp sessions are available for three months, and include games, activities, dancing, and gymnastics.

Birthday parties are also offered at the facility. Basic parties include private use of the facility, trained instructors, invitations, paper products, set up, and complete clean up services. There are food and goodie bag packages that can be added to the party so parents just have to show up and enjoy the event with the children as their celebrate a memorable birthday. Consider all the time, effort, and expense it took to throw the birthday party last year. Add in the time cleaning up, food, presents, and the fact that there was no time to actually enjoy the event, and a great birthday party of fun and gymnastics is enticing, smart, and cost-effective. Contact us to learn about the facility, instructors, programs, and parties.

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