Steps For Ant Control In Phoenix, AZ

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Pest Control


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In Arizona, homeowners experience ant infestations most often during the spring months. These pests enter the property through cracks and compromised areas. They enter the home to seek food sources. They cause unwanted and painful bites when they come in contact with humans and their pets. Local exterminators provide Ant Control Phoenix AZ for these homeowners today.

Cutting Off the Food Supply

The first step in exterminating ants is to cut off their food supply. The exterminator provides steps for the homeowner to prevent ants from acquiring food. For example, the garbage should be removed frequently. The homeowner places food inside resealable containers to prevent access for the ants. All pet foods need to be contained and not left out overnight.

Closing Entry Points

The exterminator inspects the property and locates all entry points for the ants. Common entry points are spaces underneath doorways and cracks around windows. Any areas of the flooring that are compromised that allow access into the property should be sealed. The exterminator seals these areas to prevent further access for the ants.

Creating a Protective Barrier Around the Home

The exterminator sprays chemicals around the parameter of the property. The chemicals create a protective barrier around the home. This prevents ants from traveling around these areas safely. They come in contact with the chemicals and take them into their colony. This kills the ant and all ants that come in contact with it. Visit website for more info about the ant control in Phoenix, AZ.

Managing Ant Colonies Around the Property

The exterminator sprays chemicals onto any colonies found near the home. These chemicals present the same effects as those sprayed around the immediate parameter. The homeowner won’t have to worry about these ants traveling around or into their property. New infestations won’t occur.

In Arizona, homeowners take action quickly when they discover ants. These insects cause painful and often itchy bites. They also present the probability of property damage if they aren’t managed properly. The insects are attracted to food in the home and enter the property more often during spring. Homeowners who need Ant Control Phoenix AZ should contact Alliance Pest Management for more information today.

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