Exploring the Concept of Ductless Air Conditioning in Greeley CO

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2015


Many people do not realize that they do not have to make do with window air conditioners when they rent a home. Even though they would not want to go to the expense of installing a heating and cooling system that included a duct system, there is another option. By taking a look at options for Ductless Air Conditioning Greeley CO, it is possible to ensure the home is comfortable even on the hottest day of summer. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Understanding the Concept

Ductless Air Conditioning Greeley CO involves the use of contained units that do not rely on duct work to carry forced air into each room. Most systems of this type utilize two main components that are connected by a couple of lines. Those lines are no larger than a standard cable used for a television or broadband Internet line. One component is placed under a window inside while the other is outside under that same window. Once the holes are drilled and the lines connected, the system will provide a steady stream of cool air into the room.

Why This Approach Rather than Window Units?

Ductless systems are more efficient than most window units. That translates into lower power bills even when the weather is hot. They also tend to have a lower profile. The part of the system outside can easily be hidden behind a shrub. Inside, that portion of the system takes up space that is normally not used anyway. As a bonus, there is not anything hanging out of the window. From both the inside and the outside, the look is a little cleaner.

Moving to a New Place

The nice thing about a ductless system is that it can be put away when it is not in use. Plugging the two tiny holes is not hard at all. Once summer is over, it is easy enough to disconnect the lines and store the system in a garage. If the tenant moves, the system can go along to the new place with ease. Try doing that with an air conditioning system in Greeley, CO that includes the use of duct work and air vents.

If the landlord is open to the idea, call the team at Advanced Comfort and get a quote today. Once it is accepted, it will not take long to install the system and begin enjoying a steady flow of cool air.

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