Factors to Consider When Choosing Designer Eyeglass Frames in Chicago

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2015


When the time comes to purchase new corrective lenses, many individuals look to Designer Eyeglass Frames Chicago. What many fail to take into account is that designer frames only look good on a person when certain factors are taken into consideration. How does one go about choosing the right frame for their face? Following are some tips to help during this process.

Take face shape into account when purchasing eyeglass frames. The goal is a frame that is properly sized for the face and contrasts with the face shape. Someone with a square face tends to look best in oval frames or ones that are narrow, Oblong faces need frames with a low bridge as this helps to shorten the nose or frames with less width and more depth. Oval faces tend to look good in any frames.

One needs to consider their personal coloring when selecting frames also. One either has a warm skin tone or a cool one, and cool tones have pink or blue undertones, while warm tones have a yellow cast or the peaches and cream complexion. Cool tones tend to be more common in America, but 40 percent of the population tends to have a warm tone. Thus one needs to know where they fall to buy glasses that complement their coloring. Warm colors include camel, gold, coral and off-white. Cool colors, in contrast, are black, pink, jade and silver. Browse website to get more information.

Finally, one needs to consider what is currently fashionable. Certain colors come into style every season and others fade away. Don’t feel a new pair of glasses is needed every season for this reason. Find a frame that flatters the face and one’s skin tone and it will be perfect regardless of current trends.

Turn to Tropical Optical Corp for Designer Eyeglass Frames Chicago. With hundreds of frames available here, one is sure to find the right frame for their face shape and more. Prices remain reasonable, and one may find they wish to purchase multiple pairs. As most insurance and vision care plans may be used here, doing so has never been easier. In addition, the company offers repairs for current frames. Contact them today for all of your eye care needs.

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