Family Medicine in Voorhees, NJ Includes Foot Treatments and Exams

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


If you want to ensure the health of your family, it is important to work with a health care provider who works at finding health issues before they occur and educates patients in maintaining quality health. One of these areas includes the health of the feet.

Routine Podiatric Examinations

That is why family medicine in Voorhees, NJ includes complete podiatric services. Indeed, the health of the feet are important as any injuries can affect a person’s overall quality of life. Therefore, family foot care involves routine maintenance and examinations. Along with these services, medical specialists provide treatment for fungal infections or ingrown toenails.

Foot injuries are also taken seriously. Any trauma involving the ankle or foot is treated promptly and directly. Physical therapy and diagnostic protocols assist patients in recovering from such injuries as sprains or fractures as well.

In addition, family medicine covers cosmetic and functional foot surgery. These procedures are designed to correct foot and toe deformities. Many times, the surgeries can be performed in the doctor’s office. A corrective surgery often allows a patient to leave the office with the aid of surgical footwear, thereby reducing the recovery time.

Vascular Foot Evaluations

Vascular foot testing is also a part of podiatric family medicine. This type of exam benefits older members of a family or patients who have diabetes. A Doppler beam is used to assess the blood flow in the feet, thereby revealing any problems with circulation.

One of the innovative procedures used in podiatric family medicine today is ESWT. ESWT is an acronym that stands for a therapy process known as extra-corporeal shock wave therapy. This non-surgical procedure eliminates the foot discomfort related to such soft tissue injuries as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and Achilles tendonitis. During the process, shockwaves target the injury and stimulate the formation of stronger tissue. This same therapy is also beneficial to the circulation.

If you want to know more about any of the above processes, contact us for further details. Ask about our measurement tools such as a gait and pressure analysis. This type of computerized aid evaluates foot performance based on specific foot points that are monitored individually.

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