FAQ For A Social Security Disability Attorney Near Austin

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jul, 2019


One of the many roles that a Social Security Disability attorney near Austin provides for clients is providing information about the process. Most of the top Social Security Disability attorneys in the area provide a free initial consultation to allow the client to get to know the attorney and to ask about the process and the legal services provided.

Some of the most frequently asked questions for any Social Security Disability attorney near Austin include the following. Of course, anyone may also have specific questions about his or her case, and meeting personally with the attorney is the best way to get accurate and correct answers and information.

How long is the process?

In most cases, people completing the initial application for Social Security Disability should receive an answer within about four months. For many, this may be a shorter period, and occasionally, it can be longer based on the volume of applications.

It is important to note, about 70% of these initial applications are denied, and having a Social Security Disability attorney on your side during the appeals process has several advantages.

What is the cost?

Attorneys representing clients for Social Security Disability appeals charge on a contingency basis. This means no out of pocket costs for the client in the vast majority of law firms. It is essential to check this with the various attorneys under consideration.

The attorney is paid only if your case is settled. He or she is paid out of the settlement, and the amount is capped by law at a specific percentage. Not all firms and attorneys charge the full possible percentage as the contingency fee.

It is critical to your case to choose an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer. Look for lawyers and law firms specializing in Social Security Disability representation to get the best legal advice and representation.

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