The Options In High Purity Valves

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


In many types of applications, including in clean rooms as well as for use in semiconductor facilities, chemical plants, pharmaceutical production and even in food and beverage sanitary processes, ensuring all components in the system meet industry regulations is a crucial factor.

The use of specially designed and manufactured high purity valves ensures that the valves in the system meet the sanitary and process requirements. These valves are designed to eliminate areas within the valve that may harbor or trap media, and they also offer highly corrosion-resistant wetted surfaces, ensuring the valve continues to operate for a long life cycle even when the media is highly damaging and corrosive to typical valve components.

As can be expected, these high purity valves come in a wide range of different options. They can include solenoid valves, valves that operate automatically in the system as well as pneumatic and manually operated valves.

Check Valves

While small, inline types of valves, check valves play an essential role in any system. Also known as no-return valves, they prevent backflow through the valve, helping to maintain the sanitary conditions within the system and to prevent mixing of fluids or backflow that damages equipment and results in contamination.

Ball Valves

For effective on and off control of the media through the system, the use of the ball style of high purity valves is a natural choice. These are often manually operated and need to remain in top working order even if very infrequently used.

Solenoid Valves

These can be 2 or 3-way valves, with more complex configurations also available. Controlled by a solenoid and the system, they are dependable, fast-acting valves that can be used when high temperatures and corrosive materials are a concern.

Pneumatic valves come in a range of different configurations, and they can have multiple ports and connection options. These valves, as with other types of the high purity valve options on the market, are available in miniature sizes for specialized types of applications.

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