FAQs About Bail Bonding Companies In Dekalb County

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2018


In Georgia, criminal defendants must establish their eligibility for bail at their arraignment. The defendant is charged formally with the crime during their arraignment, and the court determines if he or she is considered a flight risk. After bail is set, the defendant can acquire a bail bond. Bail bonding companies in Dekalb County can answer questions about bail bonds and related details.

Do Bail Bondsmen Visit the County Jail?

In some jurisdictions, the bail bondsmen are close by and visit the county jail frequently. A criminal defendant is within their rights to request a bail bondsman to acquire bail. However, the defendant must make arrangements with the correctional officers if they need to access their wallet or pocketbook.

How are the Bail Bonds Purchased?

The standard process involves a payment of up to fourteen percent of the total bail value assigned by the judge. The defendant or a representative submits the payment to the bail bondsman via cash, credit card payment, or check.

However, if a direct payment isn’t possible, the bail bondsman may accept certain collateral to secure the bond. Real estate, automobiles, savings accounts, and jewelry are accepted forms of collateral that will secure a bail bond. However, the defendant or their representative must show proof of ownership.

What Will Happen if the Defendant Doesn’t Appear in Court?

Any defendant that doesn’t appear in court is subject to an immediate arrest. The judge signs a bench warrant, and officers can arrest the defendant without probable cause. The bail bond is revoked, and any collateral used to secure the bond is seized by the bail bondsman.

Do Different Crimes Require Special Bail Bonds?

Standard bail bonds are appropriate for most criminal defendants. However, any defendant that is charged with a federal crime needs to purchase a federal bail bond. The bail bondsman explains any differences in cost to the defendant or their representative.

In Georgia, criminal defendants purchase bail bonds when they are unable to pay their full bail value. The bonds are available at a percentage of the total bail value. Once purchased, the bail bondsman makes arrangements for the defendant’s release. Criminal defendants who need the services of bail bonding companies in Dekalb County are encouraged to contact Free At Last Bail Bonds.

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