Signs of Trouble With a Residential Air Conditioner in Toledo OH

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


It’s usually easy to tell when a residential air conditioner inToledo OH needs repair, but in some cases, inexperienced homeowners may wonder whether the problem is really there. When summer is at its hottest, air conditioning keeps everyone cool, as long as it’s properly maintained. Read on to learn the signs of HVAC trouble.

A Lack of Cool Air

Sometimes, it may seem as if a home’s AC unit just isn’t doing its job. Even at the highest setting, the air coming from the vents isn’t cold. This may indicate the need for serious repair; it could be a low refrigerant level or a failed compressor.

Insufficient Air Flow

If there’s little to no air flowing through the system’s vents, the compressor may be malfunctioning. However, if certain parts of the home are colder than others, the problem may lie in the home’s ductwork. In either case, it’s a sure sign that the system needs service right away.

Thermostat Troubles

In some cases, the problem may not be with the HVAC unit itself, but with the system’s thermostat. An easy way to tell is if one part of the home is very cold, while other parts remain at the same or a higher temperature.

Moisture in Strange Places

Leakage or moisture around the system often indicates serious issues. When there are leaks coming from the air conditioning system, there are two causes: refrigerant leaks and blocked or broken drain tubes. While one issue is more serious than the other, either symptom warrants a call to a local contractor.

Odd Noises

Grating, grinding, and squealing noises from a residential air conditioner in Toledo OH are more problematic than some of the other signs on this list. These noises imply that there’s a broken belt or a seized bearing within the unit, and failure to provide prompt service could result in an expensive breakdown.

Call Today

Even if a unit does not need to be replaced, getting it serviced or repaired can increase its energy efficiency. Browse our website or call today to find out how HVAC maintenance keeps small problems from becoming big ones.

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