FAQs About Excavation service in Branford CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


Excavation is one of the most important services that a construction company can provide. While most people have a general idea about excavation, there are specifics that they may not be aware of. Here are some faqs about excavation service in Branford, CT answered by some of the experts.

Q. Can excavations be done by the homeowner or property owner?

A. No, not really. In most locales, there are certain permits that must be applied for any excavations that are over a certain size. Also, most people do not own the proper equipment that is necessary to perform a proper land excavation.

Q. What hazards are present?

A. There are a number of hazards that could be present including underground cables and lines that could be damaged by a person without the knowledge of their presence. If these cables or lines are owned by the city or local government, the damage incurred by the digger could result in lawsuits against them. Also, unless proper preparation is undertaken, there could be events such as collapse of the fall from loose soil and rocks.

Q. Are excavations expensive?

A. The cost of excavation service in Branford, CT depend entirely on a number of factors. These include such things as the size of the excavation needed, the presence of any digging hazards, and the type of equipment and size of crew that will be needed to perform the dig.

Q. Is the dirt left on the property or does the company remove it?

A. This depends on the wishes of the property owner. The dirt can be removed by a company such as Atwater Paving and hauled away as part of the initial job request or it can be left at the site and reused for such things as raised flower beds or unique landscaping features.

Q. Is the work guaranteed?

A. This depends on the company being hired to perform the job but most excavation companies do stand behind the work that they do for the property owner and will fix any errors that are a result of the work that they have done.

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