How to Transport an Ice Luge in Long Island, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


After ordering a beautiful ice luge in Long Island, NY, many party planners realize they need to be concerned about transportation. The average luge or ice sculpture tends to be considerable in size and not something that is going to fit in the backseat or trunk of a car. In reality, a car is the last place a block of ice weighing a couple of hundred pounds should be. Here are a few tips for handling transportation without losing a lot of ice.

Bring a Truck

A truck is the only way to safely move an ice luge in Long Island, NY from one location to another. This may seem counterproductive as the goal is to prevent the ice structure from melting during transport. However, the back of a truck offers the safest location for something this large. Be sure that the bed of the truck is cleaned out and that there is something to help secure the ice in place as the vehicle moves. Want more information about why a truck is the best method of transportation? Contact Long Island Ice & Fuel.

Use a Plastic Bag and Some Type of Insulation

To prevent melting, it is important to create a barrier between the ice and everything else. While the barrier doesn’t need to be intricate or even expensive, it does need to get the job done correctly. Use a large plastic bag, the thicker the better, to cover the entire ice luge. This bag will be the first barrier layer and should cover everything. When possible, just use one bag. Then, find some type of insulation to help maintain a consistent temperature. This can be as simple as wrapping a sleeping bag around everything as it moves to the new location.

Make Sure Everything is Ready at the Site in Advance

It can be frustrating to show up at an event with a giant ice luge only to find that there is no place for it, or the area has not been properly prepared. This keeps the ice luge outside until everyone can make the necessary arrangements. Instead, call ahead and make sure everything is in place before pick up. This ensures that the luge can be moved quickly from the back of a truck to its place of honor at the event without a lot of waiting.

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