Features and Uses of Aluminum Round Rod

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2015


When you are producing an important component or product, a highly durable material will help you get the job done efficiently. This same material will help you maintain a good reputation in your industry because of the quality of the products and components you manufacture with it. One particular item that is highly useful in multiple industries is the aluminum round rod.

Aluminum Round Rod Features
The aluminum round bar, or rod, is known for its weldability, formability, machinability and corrosion resistance. These rods also are in-demand due to their high shear and tensile strength, outstanding strength-to-weight ratios, rigidity and fatigue resistance. Their superior machinability makes them ideal for the quick manufacturing of custom parts that need increased strength. The best rods in the industry are also easy to cut, are not magnetic and easily resist stress cracks. A high-quality company stocks many extruded aluminum round rods in a satin clear anodized finish as well as in a standard mill finish.

Aluminum Round Rod Industries
A high-strength rod can be used for aerospace applications, and a rod that is highly resistant to corrosion is often used for marine applications. Other industries also rely on these rods for their fabrication projects, including the transportation industry and computer industry—essentially any industry where lightweight, corrosion-resistant precision parts are required. Common applications include dowels, pins, hydraulic body parts, ornamental products, shafts, gears, bolts, nuts, pistons, trim, supports, hardware, and braces as well as structural components.

Quality Company Services
The best companies in the industry offer an array of rods in various lengths and sizes for your particular project. Look for experts who can cut your extrusion to length as well as bend, form or punch it to your specifications if you need a custom product. Customer-focused companies will also provide you with several powder-coated and anodized color and finish options, including black, dark and light bronze, Brite Dipped, and even brushed finishes. A top company in the industry will work hard to provide for you the type of aluminum round rod that best fits your application so that you can remain competitive in the years ahead.

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