Features That Medical Weight Loss Programs Include And Avoid

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


A Medical Weight Loss program includes a combination of strategies for success, but one thing it does not include is the use of laxatives for losing weight. Some people believe that using these products causes weight loss, but it only speeds up the process of waste removal that would happen anyway. The program also does not include crash dieting and excessive limitations on calorie intake that are unhealthy. A third thing individuals should not expect is an extremely restrictive diet that only allows a relatively small number of foods.

Instead, Medical Weight Loss focuses on a low-calorie diet that does not lead the client to feel hungry through much of the day and succumb to cravings. The menus feature a wide variety of foods, since the body benefits from gaining nutrition from numerous sources. The counselors provide help with meal planning to accomplish these goals. The intent will be to succeed with reasonable and gradual weight loss.

Rather than recommending harsh laxatives, the health care practitioners advise clients to include plenty of soluble fiber in the diet. That regulates the digestive system and also helps the person feel fuller after eating. That means he or she is less likely to overeat or to crave dessert. Examples of excellent soluble fiber sources include nuts, beans, lentils and oat bran. The staff members at the clinic can provide a more extensive list so the individual has many choices. An added benefit of including these foods is that they help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

At a facility such as Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services, a customized exercise regimen is developed for each client. The individuals also may receive vitamin B12 shots, as this vitamin is important for boosting metabolism and encouraging the body to burn excess fat. Many people, especially those who have been eating diet that is too limited in calories and food types, have a minor or moderate B12 deficiency. That can make them feel fatigued and less inclined to participate in physical activity. They also may experience stronger cravings for food since the body is prompting them to provide it with more nutrition. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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