Filing a Premise’s Liability Claim with Slip and Fall Lawyers in Bronx, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


In New York, all establishments in which the public may enter are required to follow all safety regulations. These regulations pertain to maintain a safe environment for patrons and visitors. A failure to provide this to visitors or patrons could result in a premise’s liability. Slip and fall lawyers in Bronx, NY help victims of these unfortunate circumstances.

Investigating the Failure

The first step is to investigate the failure. The attorney representing the victim must acquire evidence of the hazard that caused the injury. In retail stores, the hazard could include chemical spills or a lack of warning in areas where construction is being performed.

Identifying Building Code Violations

All commercial property owners are required by law to keep their properties up to code. A building code violation could equate to hefty fines for the property owner. It could also deem them liable immediately for any injuries that were produced.

Who Is at Fault?

In most premise’s liability cases, the owner of the property is at fault. However, leased properties could identify an alternative party. Properties that are used for public events may require the tenant or host to maintain the area during the event. If they fail to keep the property safe they are liable. The most common issues that leads to premise’s liabilities during a public event are blocked pathways and a lack of security. The lease or contract defines who is at fault under these circumstances.

Presenting the Medical Evidence

The victim needs clear evidence of their injuries. The evidence must pinpoint the presumed cause as the exact reason why the injuries were produced, and it must show how the injury has affected the victim. Any permanent or serious injuries could increase their projected settlement.

In New York, all commercial properties or establishments must provide a safe environment for patrons and visitors. Any failure to maintain safety could present them with a premise’s liability. These injuries are based on a failure by the property owner to eliminate any known risks that could produce an injury. Victims of these circumstances should hire slip and fall lawyers in Bronx, NY by contacting the Law Office of Ada R. Pretto, P.L.L.C.

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