Sports Court Asphalt Paving Service in Guilford CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


It doesn’t take a very long time before an asphalt basketball court begins to show cracks, upheavals and potholes. Even if a sports court surface does not undergo the same physical stresses of the parking lot surface with heavy car usage every day, a basketball court or tennis court is subject to the same stresses of weather, temperature, and humidity. So too, an asphalt surface will end up degrading if the initial job to lay it down wasn’t done properly. Using a poor mix for the asphalt, or laying down a surface on an improperly graded and packed surface will guarantee cracks, warps and holes in just a few years. And if the surface was not properly sealed or not sealed at all, it will fade and break down even faster.

Sports courts require the same construction standards as commercial parking lot surfaces. So when it comes to laying down a sporting surface, contractors for asphalt paving in Guildford, CT have to do the same level job to the same standard as for any asphalt surface designed for heavy day-to-day traffic. The ground upon which it will sit must be made as level as possible to ensure as far as possible an even settlement of the surface. It must be graded and packed down prior to pouring tar. Then the surface itself has to be leveled as far as practicable. Adding sealing coat guarantees long endurance for the asphalt, which then has its striping and paints added on. If all goes well, that new court should last through a generation before requiring service.

Beyond all considerations of utility, a fine looking sports surface in the neighborhood park raises the tone of the park, which in turn raises property values. A well-maintained asphalt surface is an asset and one not to be regarded lightly. Being a neighborhood amenity, a sports park with asphalt courts guarantees regular traffic, which guarantees an active community and one involved in its own growth and maintenance. This makes the whole neighborhood an attractive prospect to any potential buyer into the area.

Atwater Paving is an established firm which has handled asphalt paving in Guilford, CT for over sixty years. From laying down a whole new surface to simple crack repair, they have the means to get the job done and done right the first time, with as little bother and disruption as possible.

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