Finding Processing and Storage Equipment In Hammer Mills Oregon

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Business Services


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Are you the owner of a working farm, that needs machinery and storage for different kinds of feed or grain? This can include seed processing equipment or a building to store the end product. Without either of these two items, your product will be imperfect or it can be filled with mold and bacteria. To ensure your product is pure you should contact a company that sells machinery and storage in Hammer Mills Oregon.

The first thing you might need is a seed processing machine that separates the sticks, leaves and other extra particles that come up during harvest. This will separate the seeds from the other items to ensure the purity of the product and make it easier to go through the machinery. This is done in a machine using scalpers, which is one sieve that removes large matter from the seeds. A process like this uses a rotating screen that pushes the matter through it. You can also put it through another machine that can separate the remaining seed by density and size.

Once your seeds and grain have been separated, it is then stored in a grain storage unit that will keep it secure from the natural elements. By doing this it will keep it from becoming contaminated. If it should become damp or contaminated then the grain will become unusable and become a complete loss for you. To ensure that this does not happen, you should make sure a storage unit is secure from the weather elements at all times.

No matter if you are looking for a new seed processor or a storage unit, the company that sells new and used equipment in Hammer Mills Oregon will be able to assist you. This type of company has both new and used machinery, and they are also available to build you a new storage unit. They have the parts and technicians available that are able to keep your equipment running. To keep your farm working in tip top shape so that your product is available to be sold at the highest grade, it is necessary to have the machinery and storage that are needed to care for your goods you will want to send to market. To do this you must find a company that you trust to keep your equipment and storage units in top condition at all times.

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