Finding the Right Children’s Dentist in Your Area

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


It’s recommended that you take your child to the dentist by her first birthday or when her first tooth appears.  If you’re new to parenting or to an area, finding the right children’s dentist can be difficult.  You don’t want to have your child’s earliest experiences with dentists to be bad ones.  It might take some work, but finding the right dentist for your family is worth the effort.

Start by Researching

Ask your neighbours, friends, and family what paediatric dentist they recommend.  Talk with your child’s paediatrician.  Once you have a few suggestions, research your list of candidates. You should be able to find information online about a dentist’s degrees and certifications.  Does the dentist have special paediatric certification?  What does he specialise in?  Gather the facts about each dentist.  Then, set up consultations with your top choices.

The Consultation

At the initial consultation, take note of how you feel when you are in the dental office.  Pay attention to how the waiting room feels and how the receptionists talk to you and your child. All of the staff should be friendly and know how to handle children.  You want your child to feel comfortable and welcomed when you go to the dentist.  Once you’re taken to the back rooms, look for child-sized equipment.  If the dentist does a lot of work with children, you’ll see smaller chairs and tools.

The Dentist

You want an experienced dentist, but you also want one who is good with children.  Ask the dentist how she handles children who are upset or who won’t cooperate.  Pay attention to how the dentist talks with your child and how your child responds.  Some dentists, no matter how well qualified they are, have a way with children and some do not.  Be sure that you are comfortable with both the level of experience of your dentist and his demeanour.

Dentists should be able to talk with you about proper oral care for infants, timelines for tooth development, early cavity prevention, and be able to tell your child how to care for his own teeth.  You can talk with your dentist about how orthodontics are handled, what to do for tooth emergencies, and what needs to be done if your child sucks her thumb.  A good dentist will take the time to be sure that you have the knowledge you need to help your child care for his or her teeth.

If you’re looking for a children’s dentist, contact the team at Hills Dental Care in Sydney. Learn more at or (02) 9899 3100.

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