When do You Need Help From a Real Estate Lawyer in Brooklyn NY?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


When buying or selling a house, a Real Estate Lawyer in Brooklyn NY is truly essential for most people. In the case of buying a home, the attorney will need to be contacted as soon as the home buyer has chosen a property to make an offer on. In some cases, the attorney can even work with the real estate agent to determine the right price to start with in the negotiation process.

An attorney will also check into the history of the house. This means looking for legal actions such as past due property taxes or liens against the house held by creditors of the former owners. While having debt attached to the home is not desirable, it is also not insurmountable. The attorney may be able to get the debt resolved on your behalf without it costing an excessive amount of money, or any money at all in some cases.

The attorney will review the buyer’s contact to make sure that all of the home buying terms are as expected. The contract to buy the house is legally binding for about 30 years in most cases, so it is vital that every part of it is reviewed in detail by the lawyer. While it will cost the home buyer some money to have a lawyer do this, that financial investment is well worth it in the long run because it means the home buyer can relax in their new house.

When a person is selling a home, it is also important to work with a real estate lawyer. An attorney for the seller is usually the person who draws up the sale contract for the home. The real estate lawyer can include any specific terms desired by the seller, and they can make sure that the seller gets the best possible deal in terms of finances. Just as with home buying, a real estate lawyer may work with realtors during the home selling process too.

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