Finding the Right Hand Dryer for Your Restroom

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on May, 2015


Have you ever been in a restroom that has a low-quality hand dryer? Not only did it most likely take you forever to dry your hands, but the slow moving air can actually be less effective in the cleaning process. It is very important to have fast hand dryers to boost your hygiene and that of the patrons using your restroom. With that in mind, do you find the perfect hand dryer to meet your needs?

Size Matters

Hand dryers today come in all shapes and sizes. Just because some are bigger, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more capable of a quick dry. Many slim, wall-mounted dryers are just as, if not more, competent than their competitors and take up much less wall space. If you are in need of something more compact, don’t be afraid to go with the slim variety, you might even have room for two!

Go Green

One of the things to look for when in the market for fast hand dryers is their environmental impact. Older generations of dryers passed air over a heating element in order to dry hands quickly, but many new models have chosen to forego that. Hand dryers without a heating element are generally considered more eco-friendly and are still able to do an excellent job with drying your hands. They do this by using a high-pressured stream of air, which they are able to accomplish while also using less energy. Higher energy efficiency means less spent on electricity for you and a smaller environmental footprint overall.

Dry in Style

Another factor to consider is the design or type of dryer that you want. From anti-microbial dryers with HEPA filters to ambient, ultra-quiet ones, there isn’t much that fast hand dryers can’t do these days. Many corporations are choosing to go with high-speed hand dryers, such as the vertical style with the drying-cavity at the top or a “smart” dryer which uses infrared sensors for optimal comfort and dry time. Hand dryers now come with so many features and in different styles and sizes that it is important to consider carefully which is best for you and your public restrooms. Whether it be a single dryer for a small office or several for a large warehouse store, skip the low-quality ones and go for the environmentally-friendly, fast hand dryers and save on your energy costs today!

When looking for the perfect way to dry your hands in your public restroom, look no further than fast hand dryers. World Dryer offers so many options, you will be able to find your ideal solution while staying energy, and dry time, efficient.

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