High Performance Paint and What it Can Do for You

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Home and Garden


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When it comes to high performance paint there are many different options. Good high performance paint is meant to last and be durable. Overall it has a more brilliant texture and color along with superb finishes. High performance paint can be found in a variety of different textures and styles including ambient metallic, armor, environmental, scrub tough, solid metal, ambient design, and burnished metallic just to name a few. When you have a need for high performance paint you have a need for quality. Just any plain old high performance paint may not do for the project that you have in mind. You will need something that is going to look beautiful and stay beautiful for years to come. It can be a very trying time when trying to pick through the different styles, textures, colors and all the other unique features that come with high performance paint.

The Many Different Shades of High Performance Paint

High performance paint has many benefits when the project you are working on calls for higher grade paint. When not even premium architectural paints can provide you with what you need, then it is time for you to look at high performance paint. There are several different types of high-performance paints available. Pre-catalyzed water based epoxy is great for hospitals, restaurants and other high traffic areas. This blend is specially formulated for masonry and concrete products. Another type of high performance paint is multi-surface acrylic. This blend is ideal for walls, ceilings and other hard to clean spaces. It is a great product to use in warehouses and manufacturing sites. Pro-Cryl Universal acrylic primer is another alternative. This blend stands up remarkably well to rust and corrosion making it an ideal product to use in the outdoors. This would be the most ideal option for machinery, piping or equipment found in commercial buildings.  A few other blends that deserve mention are high performance epoxy and DTM acrylic coating. All of these paints have different users and applications.

Now That You Know

If you are not sure what paint is best for your project, it is best to find a professional to provide guidance in your purchasing decision. The professional will be able to help you find the best high performance paint based on your needs. You could also talk to your contractor about high performance paints and their lengthy list of benefits in comparison to standard quality paints. No matter what your final decision turns out to be, you can be guaranteed that you will be completely satisfied with the end results for many years to come.

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