Five Types of Tree Service in Arlington

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


Trees are found in the yards of homes across the greater Boston area. Some require simple pruning and care, while others may have a disease that requires their removal. Tree Service in Arlington and the surrounding areas comes in five separate types due to the many kinds of services a tree could need.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease

A tree specialist will perform a diagnosis of a tree to determine the type of disease it may have. He or she will then put a treatment plan in place to ensure the tree can be saved. Trees that are too far gone will have to be removed. A diagnosis will tell which option is best.

Routine Tree Care

Some routine tree care is needed on a regular basis. An arborist should tend to a tree before the winter hits as well as after winter is over. They can look over the tree and determine the best course of action. This could include checking for disease or could be as simple as pruning the tree and eliminating a few small sections that are impacting the tree’s health.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a very common service performed on healthy trees. This is often used to eliminate long, hanging branches that cause a hazard. There may also be a dead branch that needs to be removed to ensure the remainder of the tree remains strong.

Tree Removal

When a tree has suffered too much damage and disease, it needs to be removed. This is for the better of all trees in the surrounding area, as the disease could spread if the tree is left in place. Owners may also simply want trees removed due to causing a hazard, limiting space, or other issues are present. A tree service company will fully remove the tree from the premises and can grind the stump as well.

Pest Control

Pest control services are all sometimes needed. These services simply work to eliminate pests living on and near trees. This mainly refers to bugs, such as termites, that cause damage.

Tree Service in Arlington is not a one-size-fits-all program. Every homeowner may have a different reasoning for needing tree service. That is why there are five separate types of tree service a landscaping company offers. Visit our website to learn more about caring for trees and the many additional serviced available.

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