Why Now is the Time to Purchase Long Term Care Insurance in Texas

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


Long-term care insurance is an additional safety net that covers the expenses health insurance plans do not when someone needs medical care for an extended period of time. Using this type of insurance does not require being at a minimum age and is not the same as life insurance or disability coverage. There are some very good reasons why long term care insurance in Texas is something everyone should think about before their health declines or they reach an advanced age.

• Insurance companies will deny coverage to anyone with a pre-existing condition or currently in need of care for any reason.

• Age restrictions may prevent healthy elderly individuals from being accepted.

• Premiums are lower and the benefits higher when people purchase their policy early. Most experts recommend purchasing before the age of 50.

• Life is unpredictable, and anyone could develop an illness or have an injury that requires long-term care. For example, it will help to cover the costs incurred when staying at a rehabilitation facility after an automobile accident.

• Long term care insurance in Texas gives people the opportunity to have a higher level of care that may not have been possible without assistance. This includes home health services and a private duty nurse.

• It covers expenses that might otherwise have come out of a retirement savings plan or a college fund.

• Even people covered by a government-funded medical plan would benefit. Programs like Medicare only cover 30 days of skilled care at a facility and rarely cover home personal care services.

Establishing a policy is possible by contacting MyersYounger LTC. Their experts will explain how the insurance works, answer any additional questions, and determine if someone qualifies for this type of policy. There are many options with a long-term plan. Some options include a shared plan for couples, deciding on the amount of the benefit, and eliminating the waiting period before covering home care. Help is available to guide people as they establish their policy. This will guarantee that each family has a policy that will meet their personal needs and keep them financially protected.

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