Fix a Leaky Basement with Foundation Crack Repair

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Contractor


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No one likes to spend time in a basement that smells dank and moldy. Family possessions can be irreparably damaged by water leaks in basements. The floor and foundation are the two areas that can let water into a basement when there are cracks that go unrepaired. Hydro-static pressure can force water up and through weak spots in concrete floors.

Hire a good basement waterproofing company such as Apex Waterproofing Inc. to reclaim that basement as an appealing, dry living space. Foundation crack repair is a common fix.

Wet Basements

Any basement has the possibility of becoming wet. Water will find any weak spot and work its way into a basement if the homeowner is not vigilant. Water can get in through floor or wall cracks, wall or flooring cement joints, through open vents, and by ill-fitting windows or doors. Concrete can be porous and allow a fine liquid mist to seep through creating dampness. A damp basement can allow the growth of dangerous mold such as black mold. Some basements leak a little all the time and some just leak during or after storms.

Fixing a Wet Basement

The only way to dry up a basement with problems and reclaim the space for living and storage is to repair and waterproof it. This takes an expert. Companies such as company name can send basement experts to examine the area and determine where the water is coming in and how to stop it. They will give you a free estimate before any work begins.

Wet basements may require small fixes such as foundation crack repair and applying a waterproofing agent, or they may require a more extensive waterproofing system. Some systems that we use include GrateDrain System, Sump Pumps System, GreatTrench system, and Crack Shield system. They have experts to install each of these systems so they work the first time. All their products and work have warranties and guarantees to back them up.

Make sure the basement repair company is recommended by home repair rating service. Ask for an explanation of the work that is needed and the costs that are involved before agreeing to have the work done. Go to website for additional information.


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