For Bees, Should a Homeowner Contact a Pest Control Company?

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Pest Control


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When a person notices a single bee around their yard, it’s hard not to worry about it. After all, most types of bees sting and they’re not known for living alone. In fact, some types of bees are able to sting repeatedly and can even be deadly if a person happens to walk too close to their swarm. Most of the time, however, a person isn’t going to need to contact a pest control company for the first bee they see.

Most of the time a person sees a bee, it’s going to be hopping from flower to flower to collect the nectar. This is an incredibly important task, not just to feed the bee, but to spread the pollen so the flowers can create seeds and continue to grow. This is essential for helping flowers, fruits and vegetables grow and, if possible, the bees should be left to do their work. Sometimes, however, a person may find that a hive has been created in a part of their home or very close to it. To protect their family, they may want the bees removed.

The bee population is falling, which is not good for the ability to grow new plants. When a person needs bees removed from their property, they should not try to simply kill all of them. Instead, a company like Laughlins Pest & Critter Control can remove the bees for them. A company like this collects all of the bees and takes them to a different location where they can freely fly and do their job. Often, this is a farm where their services are needed to help the farmer produce more food. Much of the hive will go with them and the pest control company can help clean up the rest.

Honey bees are an important part of the ecosystem and should be treated with care. When a person finds them near their home, however, they might want to have them relocated to a safer place. A company like Laughlins Pest & Critter Control can handle the bee’s move to a new home with care so the homeowner and a local bee enthusiast are both happy. Click Here to learn more about bees, how they are needed, and how they can be removed.

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