A Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Boston, MA Can Represent You For Injuries

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


Slip and fall accidents can occur on wet, dry or icy surfaces. They can occur from uneven flooring or tears in carpeting. Just because an individual falls on someone else’s property does not mean they can file a claim. In order to file a lawsuit, defective environmental factors or dangerous conditions must be present at the time of the slip and fall. A slip and fall accident lawyer in Boston, MA can review the circumstances of the case to determine if a lawsuit can be filed. A personal injury case for a slip and fall accident can be difficult to prove.

A slip and fall accident needs to be documented after it happens. This could mean reporting the injury to the person in charge. If the injury occurs outside of a commercial establishment, the injury should also be reported to a supervisor inside. If an injured individual does not report the accident, it could be very difficult to prove the accident happened at the location. Once the accident has been reported, seek medical treatment immediately. Speaking with an attorney gives an individual a better chance to receive compensation for injuries they received. This could include medical bills and lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

Slip and fall accidents can incur very serious injuries including broken bones and head injuries. Broken bones are considered permanent injuries. Head injuries that involve the brain take careful documentation by the family and friends that surround an injured individual. Changes in behavior and the ability to perform normal functions need to be documented. a slip and fall accident lawyer in Boston, MA will handle all of the insurance paperwork to place a claim for medical bills and lost wages. They will obtain the medical records from the doctors that were visited and evaluate the injuries. They will negotiate with the insurance company. If an appropriate settlement can’t be reached, they will file the necessary court paperwork to file a lawsuit against the negligent party.

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