Four Quick facts About Rubber Roofing Services and Why Rubber is Still a Viable Upgrade

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Rubber is not one of the best option in the industry on any objective level, but it has its own set of perks for a specific type of buyer. Just like in any industry, the cost usually has a lot to do with the quality. Rubber is excellent for people looking for a quick patch up. Below are four quick facts about rubber that make it worth considering.

     *     EPDM rubber has a nice manufacturing consistency. It is one of the only roofing materials that is pretty consistent across the board. Rubber is roughly a $1.50 per square foot, though some states will have it at closer to $2.00 per square foot. It is one of the cheapest roofing options in the industry.

     *     During the application of rubber roofing, one problem is a quite common occurrence. If the glue is not applied perfectly, the actual rubber roof will bubble. Any slight bubble in the roofing will be visible, which is unlike many other types which are thicker and made of a harder material. The bubbles do not appear as they do with the thinner rubber style.

     *     Rubber is cheaper for a reason. It will not last as long as shingles, and especially concrete or metal roofs. The issue that will affect rubber before anything else will likely be moisture that is accumulated underneath the material. Rubber Roofing Services, C & R Home Improvements Inc. should inspect the roof every year for the first couple of years. This maintenance will commonly require a reseaming. Reseaming is not expensive, and it usually only takes a day. When the adhesives fail, the regluing process will secure them back in place. It usually needs to be done about five years into the rubber roof’s life, and every two years after that.

     *     One of the greatest benefits of rubber roofing is it can easily reseamed without calling a professional. Though anyone with any health problems or fear of heights should absolutely call a Rubber Roofing Services.

Rubber could be great for commercial properties that do not have a lot of foot traffic in the door, or residential properties looking for a quick equity boost. Homeowners and investors want to see a new roof, and rubber would always be better than a beat up roof.

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