Advantages of Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Roseburg, Oregon After a Facial Injury

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2015


Anytime a person has a dental issue resulting from an injury, seeing a dentist in a timely manner can be very important. While it is generally preferable for the people to see their own dentist, many times, this is not practical. In such cases, visiting an Emergency Dentist Roseburg Oregon can be a good idea.

Frequently when people are injured, especially in the face, they may find one or more of their teeth have been damaged. This can include issues such as broken, severed or chipped teeth. In addition, prior fillings may fall out or the gums may suffer damage. When these types of problems occur, seeing a dentist as quickly as possible is advised.

An Emergency Dentist Roseburg Oregon, will often be able to help in repairing the damage without allowing further issues to develop. By repairing, even temporarily, jagged or chipped teeth, it can often limit irritation to the gums and the rest of the mouth. This can be helpful in eliminating pain and preventing wounds, which might become infected.

Teeth that have become dislodged are often the most serious issues an emergency dentist will need to deal with. When a tooth has been dislodged, there is only a short period of time when reimplanting the tooth is possible. If the tooth is kept hydrated by placing it back in the mouth or in whole milk, a dentist will have a better chance of getting it to grow back into the bone.

The dentist will generally need to clean the tooth before replacing it in the empty tooth cavity. The tooth will need to be held in place with a splint that is wired to either side of the tooth. This will hold it in place while the tooth grows into the bone. Most teeth replaced this way will also need to have a root canal performed on them. Depending on the severity of the problem, an Emergency Dentist Roseburg Oregon, may decide to handle this immediately. In other cases, the dentist may tell the patient to make an appointment with his or her regular dentist for further treatment. Browse website to know more.

Since most dental injuries can create substantial pain, seeing a dentist quickly is generally very important to the patient. For more information, please contact the Harvard Dental Group.

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