Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Basketball Courts in Branford CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


A family that wants to install a paved court for sports activity typically has numerous questions for the contractor. Many families put up a basketball hoop in the driveway, but most don’t have an actual court. It can be tough to find friends or relatives to ask about residential basketball courts in Branford, CT.


Often, it’s not feasible to build a regulation-sized court of 94 by 50 ft., but the property is big enough to have one of modified size on a flat piece of land. Families normally don’t have full teams playing against each other anyway, so even a half-court with one hoop normally suffices for practice in shooting and playing defense. Some property owners choose sizes as small as 25 by 21 ft., while others have basketball courts in Branford, CT constructed at 75 percent of regulation size with a hoop at each end.

Multi-Use Courts

Families may wonder whether a basketball court can function as a tennis court or be suitable for other sports. Multi-use courts are indeed possibilities. Painted striping can be done to differentiate a tennis court from the area for basketball play. A net can be placed for tennis, badminton and volleyball, and retracted when basketball is the activity of choice. People even use these paved areas as jogging tracks and roller skating rinks.


The property owners may be concerned about rainwater drainage, as they may have noticed basketball and tennis courts in parks and outside of schools develop puddles that are left to evaporate. A contractor such as Atwater Paving builds the court with the earth beneath sloped slightly so water runs off the pavement. The court might be constructed a bit higher than the lawn around it. Drain tile can be added if the yard tends to stay damp long after rainfall stops.


If the area is long enough and wide enough to have some choice in direction, situating the length of the court from north to south is best unless night play will be the most frequent. That way, the sun won’t ever be directly behind the hoops.

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