Some Useful Facts About Renting And Using A Roll Off Dumpster in St Paul MN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


The necessity of renting a Roll Off Dumpster in St Paul MN is usually connected either with a construction project, building demolition, a large-scale reconstruction project or a cleanup of a property. Knowing which size dumpster to rent, and how to properly utilize one, depends upon the scale of the project. So before making a commitment to a rental, it is a good idea to have basic information on hand to make the right choice of a unit to have delivered to the project site.

Different Dumpsters For Different Kinds Of Waste

To begin with, selecting the right dumpster depends upon the kind of the waste to be handled, and the anticipated amount of material to be disposed of. This second factor determines the size unit that should be rented. It should be noted that dumpsters are intended to handle solid waste only, not liquids that have to be disposed of in enclosed containers according to protocols laid down by local laws.

Containers for general waste come in sizes ranging from 10-40 yds., with a capacity of up to six tons of material for the largest units. These are ideally suited for cleanout and construction projects such as home remodeling, roof repair or reconstruction, siding or landscaping projects, and whole-house cleanouts and landscaping cleanup. For green/yard waste associated with large land clearance projects, a 40 yd dumpster unit is usually required and is recommended to handle shrub and brush waste only.

Construction waste disposal uses the same range of dumpster sizes as for general waste, and can be used to contain brick, block, concrete, and wood waste for projects up to a full roof tear-off. Recyclable materials to be removed require specialized containers for the type of material to be contained, such as asphalt, cardboard, metals, wood or brick, block and concrete. The customer should consult with the rental agent to ensure delivery of the right kind of dumpster to the property if recycling is the object of the disposal.

Rental Facts To Consider

There are terms and conditions connected with the rental of any Roll Off Dumpster in St Paul MN. If a change in the order or a cancellation is decided upon, the rental agency should be notified in advance, and the client should have the confirmation number available for the agent, and a minimum one full business day period is required to make such changes in an order. For more information, check out

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