Frequently Asked Questions About Smoke Damage Remediation In Meridian ID

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2015


If you’ve recently had a fire in your house, you already know how smoke can damage your home and your belongings. To keep the damage from getting worse, contact a professional company that specializes in Smoke Damage Remediation in Meridian ID. Read the frequently asked questions below to find out what to expect when you call a smoke remediation service.

Q.) Why is it important to hire a professional company for smoke damage remediation?

A.) Even after the fire is out, the smoke can still cause major damage to a home. Soot can cover every inch of your home and this black substance will cause etching and corrosion on every surface it touches. Smoke also leaves a lingering odor that’s very difficult to remove once it settles on surfaces and penetrates fabrics. Smoke can cause permanent discoloration to the walls, ceilings and furniture in a home if it’s not removed within a few days. Professional companies that specialize in Smoke Damage Remediation in Meridian ID use special equipment and cleaners that will thoroughly get rid of the ash, smoke residue and odor in a fire and smoke damaged home.

Q.) What can a homeowner expect when a professional crew arrives at the home for smoke remediation?

A.) The experienced company that specializes in Smoke Damage Remediation in Meridian ID will first walk through every room in the home to access the smoke damage. Next, the crew will determine which items in the house can be saved and which items are already destroyed. The crew cleans all the ash off every surface in the home with special cleaners and cleaning equipment. The remediation crew cleans the ceilings, walls and floors of the home to remove the ash and soot left over from the fire. After the entire house is clean, the remediation crew will neutralize the odor in the home by using a certain solution that’s made specifically for smoke odor removal. Click here for more details.

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