Front Loading Garbage Truck- Is it a Good Choice?

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Mar, 2015


Garbage trucks are different from standard trucks. They have a specialized rear compartment that can be used for collecting waste. The waste container, as it is commonly known, varies in size. While customized containers can be purchased, the common sizes generally vary between 25 to 32 cubic yards. Furthermore, the garbage truck also has a loading mechanism.

The loading mechanism is important for picking up heavy trash bins and unloading them in the waste container. There are two kinds of loading mechanisms in use today. You can either opt for a front loading mechanism or a rear loading mechanism. Once the truck is full of garbage, it is driven to the landfill or waste disposal site. That’s when the roll- off mechanism is used. Most garbage trucks are fitted with a roll off mechanism that uses a hydraulic system to lift the whole waste container. It is lifted approximately 70 degrees to the ground, allowing for the waste to be disposed. The truck is then emptied, and gets back on the road.

Now, if you are thinking of buying a front loading garbage truck, there are many things that you have to consider. Here are some important points that you should know:

How Does It Work?

The front loading garbage truck is fitted with a front loader. In this truck, the waste compartment opens from above. The truck requires a crew of at least two to operate efficiently. The crew must connect the trash bin to the front loader. From there, the hydraulic system lifts up the trash bin from the front of the truck. It is then emptied in the waste container at the back of the truck.

Generally, front loaders are used for servicing commercial and industrial businesses. This is because large sized trash bins are used in these businesses. In the United States, the waste containers are referred to as “dumpsters.” If the driver is skilled enough, he can connect the dumpster to the truck’s forks directly. Once the waste has been dumped in the front loading garbage truck, it is compacted. There’s a moving wall (powered by hydraulics) that oscillates in a forwards and backwards manner. This wall pushes the waste to the back of the vehicle, automatically clearing up space for more waste.

Should You Go for One?

A front loader is generally used for heavy waste collection and disposal. If you are running a waste disposal company and have to empty a lot of dumpsters, a front loader is probably the best choice. Not only does it save a lot of money, but you can also get parts for the truck easily in the markets.

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