Live Where the Action Is: Find Apartments for Rent in North Vancouver

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Mar, 2015


Wondering which part of Vancouver, Canada is right for you? If you are the type of person who enjoys an eclectic mix of history and modern culture, then the North Vancouver neighborhood might be the exact place you are looking for to relocate.

Not only is North Vancouver one of most exciting parts of this always-exciting city, it also boasts a range of cultural landmarks that will keep anyone entertained for years to come. If you have never stopped to check out what North Vancouver offers, here are some of the things you are missing out on:

1. Centennial Theatre

This North Vancouver treasure has been a staple of the city’s theater and art scene for decades. The gorgeous old facility plays host to a range of theater, music, and arts events every single year. Those with an interest in classical music will love the frequent performances by world-class musicians available at the theater. Other highlights of the theater’s schedule include regular stops by Canada’s top theatrical productions when they go on tour. And if you choose one of the apartments for rent in this fantastic neighborhood, you will be just down the street from any of these events.

2. The North Vancouver Museum

The North Vancouver neighborhood is a major part of the city’s culture today, and it has played a role in shaping Vancouver for many decades. To learn about the history and heritage of this important neighborhood, you can stop by the North Vancouver Museum. The museum houses rotating exhibits dedicated to the people and events that influenced the history of North Vancouver and the city at large.

3. Trans Canada Trail Pavilion

This beautiful park, which is situated along the North Vancouver waterfront, is also the western terminus of the Trans Canada Trail, from which it takes its name. As the Trans Canada Trail Winds its way across the country, it takes hikers through some of Canada’s most beautiful natural places and most important historical sites. Likewise, this park is dedicated to both history and nature, combining beautiful water’s-edge views with interesting exhibits about Vancouver’s history and current events. Buildings near the park include some of the hottest apartments for rent in North Vancouver.

4. The North Vancouver Farmers’ Markets

In warmer months, North Vancouver holds several farmers’ markets which are among the best available anywhere in the city. Farmers and artisans from throughout Vancouver and the surrounding areas come to sell their produce and crafts, and buyers travel from far and wide to see what is available. The popularity of this little neighborhood’s farmers’ markets has made apartments for rent nearby some of the most popular anywhere in Vancouver.

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