Funeral Homes in Middletown: Deciding between Cremation and Burial

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Some people decide to plan their own funerals in advance by visiting John P. Condon Funeral Home; others have to visit funeral homes after their loved ones pass away and make the arrangements for them. No matter at what point people schedule appointments at funeral homes Middletown has to offer; they must decide if they want to opt for burial or cremation. In the event that people are planning funerals for relatives or friends, they should choose what the deceased would have wanted. Chances are, especially if the deceased was sick or elderly, that he or she expressed those wishes to someone.

When left to choose between the two, people should consider their religious practices and beliefs. Some faiths may prohibit one of these options. Others may disallow people who choose a certain one into their resting grounds. Respecting the religious and spiritual concepts of the deceased is very important. In the event that only one is an option due to religious or spiritual restrictions, people should seriously consider opting for that one. When planning, people may need to consult with the leaders of their faith to determine which method is the most appropriate.

Individuals should also think about the remains. If the family has a large burial plot, for example, then they may want to select this option. However, they should remember that they likely can bury ashes too, but they need to check with the cemetery to see if that is a possibility. On the other hand, they may want to release the deceased’s ashes into a natural environment or the ocean. If that is the case, then they need to choose cremation. No matter what they choose, planners have to think of what will come of the person’s remains after the funeral.

Some people also want to take the environment into account. They want to choose the option that is the best for the natural world. Therefore, they should look into the effects that both burials and cremations have on the environment. On top of that, people should also consider the fact that other options exist for demoralizing the deceased. They can research at funeral homes Middletown has to offer.

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