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by | May 31, 2016 | Personal Injury


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A personal injury claim is one that results from a person being injured because of another person or company. Often, people who are injured do not understand the steps they need to take so they can properly pursue their claim. An injury of this type results in a tort case. While not all personal injury claims result in trials, many do because the insurance company on the claim is not fair in their approach. It is important for people to fully understand personal injury claims in Live Oak, FL. A full understanding will allow a person to know what steps they will need to take in the process.

There are three criteria that must be present for a personal injury claim to continue:

     *     The one being held accountable for the injury must have a legal duty to act in such a way that would prevent the injury.

     *     The person failed to act appropriately which resulted in a breach of their duty.

     *     When the person breaches their duty, an injury and measurable damages must have occurred as a result.

When one is filing a tort injury claim, there are three types they can file. An attorney can help a person determine whether their claim is intentional, negligent, or strict liability. It is important a person fully understands their claim and all that will need to be accomplished for the case to end successfully.

The first step in the process will be for the attorney to begin investigating how the injury occurred so they can properly determine who is held liable. As the attorney gains a clear understanding of the client’s injuries and damages, they will be able to begin pursuing the responsible party for a fair amount of compensation. Compensation may be given in a trial, through mediation meetings, or in an insurance claim settlement.

If you are dealing with personal injury claims in Live Oak, FL, legal help is available. For more information on hiring an attorney, visit This site will offer injured victims the information they need so they can make a sound decision for pursuing their claim.

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