A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Victims Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2016


Fatal car accidents are devastating for everyone involved, and those lucky enough to survive often face a long, uphill battle for recovery. Although money can’t undo the trauma and stress of a severe accident, a successful personal injury claim can help one avoid lasting debt. Read on to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made after auto accidents.

Not Speaking to Witnesses

Testimony from witnesses can help a victim support his or her claim. On-scene witnesses often notice things that involved parties do not. For instance, bystanders may have seen the at-fault driver run a stop sign or traffic signal, and their testimony can help an attorney prove liability.

Not Notifying the Police

It’s important to call police right after a serious accident, as advised by NHTSA. Police involvement is mandatory if the accident causes severe property damage, injuries, or death. A personal injury attorney can use the facts included in a police report to document the other party’s liability.

Speaking to the Insurer Without Legal Representation

One should only talk to insurers after discussing the case with an attorney. In many instances, the lawyer can handle all correspondence with insurance companies. Adjusters often use leading questions to trick claimants into admitting fault, and a Truck Accident Lawyer can help his or her client avoid such mistakes.

Signing General Waivers

Too many victims mistakenly sign a general release after an accident, and some sign under an adjuster’s guidance. If one signs such a release, they absolve the insurer of their obligation to provide compensation. Never sign any kind of release without carefully reviewing it and consulting a Truck Accident Lawyer.

Using Insurance Funds for Other Reasons

Victims often place more importance on medical expenses than on vehicle repairs. When an insurer pays for property damage, some use the money for healthcare expenses. This mistake is serious because it allows adjusters to claim that the injuries aren’t serious because car repairs aren’t a priority.

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