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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


If you are a disabled veteran you are eligible for disability benefits paid for by the federal government. Filing for benefits is quite complex and as a result many applicants that don’t consult first with VA disability appeal lawyers or VA disability attorney may find that they actually short change themselves. There are numerous mistakes that are being made by those going it alone, a couple of the most common are:

Delaying the filing of a claim:

The biggest mistake that anyone can make is delaying the filing of their claim. If you don’t know if your eligible or you don’t know if your condition will improve, these are no reasons for delaying. As your award, whether on your initial claim or after a successful appeal is all based on the date you originally made a claim, the longer you wait, the less your potential award is.

Not including all the symptoms you have:

Many first time claimants try to put a name to their condition; this is not the problem of the veteran. The best thing is to list every symptom and let VA decide what to call it. When the decisions are made to grant an award, every condition is assessed separately and a disability rating is determined from that.

Waiting until you get older:

You may feel that since you can still get around with few problems that it is not necessary to claim. Injuries especially have a way of getting worse over time, a broken leg can become arthritic later on, now is the right time to apply. Even if you are given a zero rating, the fact that the VA has recognized your condition means that a connection to your service years has been established.

These are just three common reasons why veterans that should and can apply, don’t. if you have questions you should consult with a VA disability appeals lawyer or VA disability lawyer.

If you are considering applying for or appealing a denial of your disability claim you should consider hiring seasoned VA disability appeals lawyers or VA disability attorney. You are invited to discuss your situation with Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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