How to Pick Car Trailers in Vancouver, BC

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2017


Car trailers are trailers designed specifically for moving cars. They differ from standard utility trailers in a couple of ways. A utility trailer will not have spots specifically designed for the wheels of the car. The specific wheel compartments are more common on tow dollies than committed trailers, but are not completely uncommon. Also, trailers will come equipped with ramps so you can drive your car up onto the trailer. The weight of a vehicle can make it very difficult to roll the car up a ramp. Therefore, many trailers will have longer ramps for getting onto the trailer at a lower angle. If you need your trailer for cars that do not function, you need a trailer with a winch.

Non-Operational Vehicles

Non-operational vehicles are those that do not start up and roll under their own power, which means you’ll need to have some way to get them onto the trailer. If you have a lot of people working with you plus a low ramp angle, you might be able to push it, but such a task can be hazardous. Your best bet is to buy car trailers in Vancouver, BC that have winches.

Winches on a Canada Tuff Trailer will be the easiest way to get your car onto the trailer. The winch you choose will need to be rated for more weight than your actual vehicle. For example, if you have a 1,000 kg vehicle, you need a winch that is rated for more than 1000 kg.

Trailer Size

Car trailers can be designed for cars, trucks, or other types of rolling machinery. You need to make sure that whichever trailer you choose is going to be long enough and wide enough to fit your entire vehicle.

Vehicles come in many different sizes, and so do vehicle trailers. Getting the right size is important for being able to safely transport different types of vehicles.

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