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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Leasing, rather than purchasing a new car is a great option for many people. When you lease a car you get to drive a brand new car without having to arrange a loan or pay a large sum of money. Leasing a car is simple, make a reasonably small down payment and then agree to pay a fixed amount for the duration of the lease, usually 36 to 39 months. Once the lease period is up, all you have to do is return the car to the dealer and either lease another new car and start over, or walk away.

There are numerous Mazda lease options available but like all good things, there are a couple of drawbacks to leasing that you must consider:

You are essentially renting the car for the duration of the lease, you are not buying it; you will not own it. Under these circumstances you don’t have any equity in the car but many people, knowing how rapidly a new car depreciates are not the least concerned.

All lease options carry terms, they are actually quite strict. As many off lease cars end up as certified pre-owned cars on the used car lot, the number of miles you can drive is limited and the condition of the car must be good when it is finally returned. If these conditions are not met there can be financial penalties.

When is a lease beneficial?

Arranging one of the Mazda lease options makes a lot of sense if you:

   *   Can’t afford to purchase a new car
   *   Want to drive a car that is above your price range
   *   Can’t imagine breaking through the mileage cap
   *   Plan on taking very good care of the car, and
   *   Plan on leasing again at the end of the current term

Leasing a new car is not difficult; it is actually considerably less complicated than buying the same vehicle. Your Mazda dealer can provide you with details of the options available.

There are numerous Mazda lease options available. To discuss how you can drive off in a new car you are invited to visit Hawk Mazda in Joliet.

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