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by | Dec 28, 2017 | Injury Attorney


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Injuries from an accident can happen at anytime. These injuries can cause long-term issues and costly medical bills. They can also cause a person to miss work or possibly make it impossible to ever work again. These things can be devastating for an injured person and their families. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person. In these cases, they should be held responsible for all costs associated with such injuries. Injury attorneys in Hawaii can help.

Accidents at a Business

Businesses are required to keep their premises safe for those coming to the business. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Whether an owner neglected to repair certain aspects of the premises or an employee created an unsafe area, if an injury occurs due to this negligence, it is the business owner’s responsibility to pay for all damages that occurred. Injury attorneys in Hawaii can help ensure they are held responsible for their negligent actions.

Automobile Accidents

There are approximately six million car accidents in the U.S. every year. Of those accidents, over two million people are injured or disabled. Many of these accidents are caused by people neglecting to follow the rules of the road, distracted by cellphones or texting, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These people should be held responsible for the injuries they caused due to their reckless and neglectful behavior. An attorney can help pursue these cases to get the compensation that is needed and deserved.

If Injured

If injured in any type of accident, it is important to get medical attention as soon as possible. Far too often, a person is injured in a fall or car accident and feel just fine. They forego treatment, only to be in pain or having serious issues a few days later. This can occur due to the adrenaline of the accident that can mask the symptoms of injury. Immediate medical attention can help identify problems and prevent further issues later.

After seeking medical care, the next step is to call an attorney. They can review the information about the accident and start the claim against the negligent party. They can help reach an agreement quickly to get any costs or losses covered. They can also attend any arbitration, mediation, or court hearing necessary to ensure the injured party’s rights are protected. For more information, visit

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