Three Ways Technology is Improving Crop Outcomes in Portageville MO

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2022


Incompass ag technology is a science-based system that helps farmers produce crops to their fullest potential. The teams track outcomes to ensure high yield and a quality product.


Part of the process is assessing the seed and soil. Samples are analyzed. Incompass ag technology in Portageville MO, can create maps with that data. These schematics factor in elevation, roads, and dirt composition. The seed selection process is region-specific and customized by agronomists, professionals in crop science. The system and team routinely deal with corn, soybean, and cotton fields as well as small grain crops and hay.


The technology that goes into the planting involves mapping and aerial information. Crop managers monitor the sites by taking soil and water samples. They document the growth stages and adverse conditions, such as pests and weeds. Entomologists and nematologists are part of this team, and their knowledge of insects and the nematode populations help the tech team from the beginning. The managers use these details to develop nutrition packages and weed abatement programs.

Nutrients and Fertilizers

Incompass ag technology plans for weather events. There is often a short window for fertilization. Landowners need a reliable and ready source of quality products. Facilities work with technology companies to create specific blends and deliver them quickly. The nutrient and fertilizer operations deal in liquid applications and granules. The fertilizer plants customize the end product from the crop manager’s documents and the farmer’s goals.

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