Getting a Good Night’s Sleep While Using a CPAP Mask and Machine

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


Sometimes, you might need a little assistance so that you can breathe better at night. A CPAP machine might be the answer that you need in order to get a good night’s sleep and to allow you to feel rested the next day without dealing with breathing issues when you’re sleeping. Here are a few tips for using this type of machine so that you gain the most benefits.


If you find that it’s difficult for the mask to fit securely on your face or that the hose might be a bit too long, talk to your doctor about getting another size. You can also try a different type of mask altogether as there are many styles available depending on your overall needs and comfort level.


It could take some time for you to get adjusted to wearing the CPAP machine mask and listening to the sounds from the machine. Practice wearing the mask during the day so that you can make any adjustments that are needed for your comfort before you go to sleep. You could wear the mask while watching television or reading a book so that you’re doing an activity you enjoy while getting used to how the mask feels on your face.

Nasal Issues

Sometimes, you might experience a dry or stuffy nose after wearing the mask. This is usually from the force of the air through the mask. It can also occur if the mask doesn’t fit securely. Consider getting a mask with straps that adjust so that you can ensure that it’s fitted but not too tight. A saline spray can be used in your nose to prevent dryness from occurring. You can also put a small amount of saline around the inside rim of your nostrils to keep your nose from getting dry as well.

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