How Rain Gutter Services in Tacoma WA Can Help Stop Water Leaking Into the Basement

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Sep, 2019


A basement that continues to get water in it during rainstorms is an aggravation. It poses the possibility of damage to belongings in there, mold growth and much worse potential problems. If a concrete block wall starts to buckle, the homeowners will face very expensive repair work. Sometimes, inadequate drainage around the roof is the reason for the leaks. Professional Gutter Services in Tacoma Wa can help.

Gutter Issues

Often, household residents know that their gutters are not functioning properly. The troughs are sagging away from the house and not sending water through the downspouts effectively. Leaves and seeds get caught in the seams and build up to the extent that water pours over the trough during heavy rain.

In other cases, however, they may feel mystified as to why the basement leaks occur when the gutters are not clogged. A worker providing Gutter Services in Tacoma Wa may discover that longer extenders are needed because the water is not being diverted far enough away from the building.

Fixing Problems

An organization like CR Gutters Inc. usually can fix problems with rain gutters unless they have deteriorated too badly over the years. It might be helpful to add another downspout if the rainwater flows in such limited areas that too much water is being dumped there. That could be causing the leak in one part of the basement. Sometimes extenders were not added because they would have to be placed on a sidewalk or they would direct rainwater to the driveway. The system should be modified so effectiveness and convenience are both addressed.

Additional Strategies

Homes that are vulnerable to flooding in the basement should have a sump pump installed, which collects rainwater that would otherwise leak onto the floors. When the water in the pump well reaches a certain level, the pump sends it back out of the building through a drainage hose. The equipment is important, but should not be used in place of an effective rain gutter system. Shoring up the window wells with sealant or having them replaced is another reasonable strategy when those features are very old and it’s obvious they are leaking.

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