Good Places to Get Metal for Copper Recycling in NJ

Posted By : Alex , on Aug, 2014


The value of recycled copper is often noted in discussions about the penny, which, until fairly recently, was made of this metal. Many people found it notable that the amount of copper needed to make a traditional one-cent piece was worth more than one cent, and this is one of the reasons that pennies are now made of a much cheaper alloy that has a similar color. Copper, it turns out, is valuable because it has many practical uses other than making coins. It’s used in wiring, electronic circuit boards, appliances, pipes, and more.

Some of these items are also great sources of material for copper recycling in NJ. An appliance like a gas stove is usually made with copper gas jets or copper gas piping, so if you’re about to throw one out, it can be a good idea to take it in for recycling instead. If it’s taken in as a complete item, the pay is based on its mixed-materials value, which is a lower rate since the recycling company will have to separate the metals before it can be sold. This is fine if you just have the occasional appliance to get rid of, but if you have a way to get more, it makes more sense for you to do the separation work. This will allow you to get the full value of the copper and steel in the equipment. Some appliances are also good sources of material for aluminum recycling.

If you’re lucky enough to get the rights to the debris from a house or other structure that’s being demolished, you might end up with plenty of metal for copper recycling in NJ. Until just about 20 years ago, many houses were made with copper plumbing, and there’s a lot of weight in all of those pipes. The wiring of most houses was and still is usually made of copper, too, but it’s covered in insulation. This will lower the value of the wiring since that will have to be stripped by someone before it is used. The stripping can be done by the one selling it for copper recycling in NJ, in which case the wiring will be worth full copper weight, but many people sell the wiring as-is since it can take so long to get the insulation off. Either way, it’s basically free money for those who can get permission to take metal from demolition debris.


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