Waukesha WI Heating Repair: Factors Affecting the Cost of Heat Pump Repair

Posted By : Alex , on Aug, 2014


Heat pumps are vital for transferring heat from one location to the next. They are also capable of providing cooling and heating. In the winter, the heat pump works by extracting heat from the outside and delivering it indoors. In the summer, your heat pump unit will extract the heat from indoors and pump it outdoors. Your unit operates using the same type of thermostat found on force-air heating systems. However, if something was to go awry with your heat pump, it may be tough to predict how much Waukesha WI heating repair costs will be. Below are some of the factors that will affect the cost of such a repair job.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are available in several configurations. The cost of repairing a window heat pump that is meant to heat a single room is often the least expensive. Whole-house heat pumps will cost you more to repair. If your heat pump is a geothermal unit, you can expect the cost of fixing it to be high since it is located underground and requires excavation.


Heat pumps are set up just like air conditioning units that have condenser systems located outside the home. Obstructions are easy fixes. Repairing the heat pump from the condenser side is normally one of the most affordable repair jobs.


If you find that your house is still cold, even with the heat pump on, you should consider another form of heating back-up system. In frigid climates, heat pumps are usually not strong enough, but are implemented as a supplement to reduce the strain on forced-air systems. The heat pump unit is considered as a green solution that helps reduce your energy costs through shouldering as much heating as is possible. When you have to install something else, the costs associated with heat pump repair are significantly higher than a simple fix.


In the case of problems with your ductwork, heat pump repair will likely be expensive. However, this depends on the scope and size of damage to ductwork, and it is significantly costlier to repair compared to repairing the unit itself.

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