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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2020


Pre-owned Rolex Submariner

There are few watches that have achieved a new milestone and set a new trend in the history of watchmaking. Among those watches, Rolex Submariner has made its name by achieving the title of the first watch in history to operate at a depth of 100 feet underwater. It is true to say that Rolex Submariner is the reference watch for other divers’ watches. Gray and Sons Jewelers started their business in 1980 and has been dealing with pre-owned Rolex Submariner and other Rolex models all across the United States. Spending forty years in business, Gray and Sons now deals in a variety of branded watches and luxurious jewelry, but the relation with the dealing with used Rolex watches still holds an eminent place!

Rolex Submariner for sale

At Gray & Sons, every Rolex Submariner watch we buy is certified restored to like-new condition. We sell our used and preowned Rolex Submariner watches with a 24 months warranty. Apart from the warranty, we provide our buyers with the original box & papers, booklets, and tag if the watch is complete. Each watch is inspected by our certified in-house Swiss-trained watchmakers before shipment including final servicing, cleaning, and polishing.

Used Rolex Submariner Watches

Gray and Sons Jewelers are among the top sellers of used Rolex watches. Among different watch models, the Rolex Submariner is the top choice of customers. Our collection of preowned Rolex Submariner watches include Rolex Submariner 16613 watches in 18k and yellow gold, the classic stainless steel Rolex Submariner 16610, and the newer Rolex Submariner “Hulk” 116610LV steel watch . If you want to buy a used Rolex Submariner, visit our website and view our current Rolex Submariner collection.

Rolex Submariner prices

We are selling Rolex Submariner watches at amazing prices of $8500+ US Dollars.
The following table shows the prices of different editions of Rolex Submariner in our inventory.

Approx. Rolex Submariner Prices Price
Rolex Submariner 40mm 16800 ~$8400
Rolex Submariner 40mm 16613 ~$12,900
Rolex Submariner 40mm 116613 ~$13,500
Rolex Submariner 40mm 5512 ~$15,500
Rolex Submariner 40mm 116618LB ~$31,500
Rolex Submariner 40mm 16808 ~$35,000

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