When You Need To Know If It’s A Broken Bone Or Not, Get A Fast X-Ray

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2020


As a parent, you worry about your child all the time. Being a parent is the greatest experience anyone can have, but it’s also the most challenging. One of those challenges is constantly worrying about the well-being of your child. This includes injuries.

Though not as threatening as illness, you never want to see your child in pain, and injuries can be very painful. You can’t do much about the pain until you get a hold of pain medication, but the pain will go away once you get that pain medication. What you really need to know now is the extent of the injury. The big question is usually, “Is it broken?”

Is It Broken?

It’s impossible to guess what kind of injury your child suffered, but since the following is so common, let’s say he took a bad fall on the playground during recess and landed on his arm. You’re not sure if it’s broken. If you want an answer fast, and if you don’t want to exorbitant prices, then you want to avoid the emergency room and visit us for an X-ray in Jacksonville, FL.

We Can Help

The biggest advantage to visiting us over an emergency room is time. As a parent, you don’t want to sit there and not know the extent of your child’s injury. When you visit us at Injury Care Centers, we will have your answer in a short period of time. After performing an X-ray in Jacksonville, FL, we will know if it’s broken or not. After we have the answer, we can treat the injury accordingly. If you would like to let us know you’re coming in, give us a call at 904-783-0008.

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