Hardscaping Design Service in Berlin, CT: Your Vision Becomes Reality

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Most people are very familiar with the idea of landscaping, but the number of people who understand hardscaping is probably a bit smaller. To get a basic idea of this process, think in terms of the word “hard” as it refers to paved areas, retaining walls, walkways, and so on. Materials used generally include stone, wood, and concrete.

The Opposite

You can also get a better idea of hardscaping design service by thinking about the other part of landscaping, which involves the plants and trim elements (soft scape). Combining the two can produce an eye-catching property that will also increase in value. An effective and efficient design including both of these elements will make the best use of available space.

Before you start making changes to your lawn, your trees, your walkways, or your patio, you may want to visit The Niro Companies to discuss your vision and your ideas so specialists can turn that vision into reality. When you work with one of the leaders in this industry, you benefit from complete outdoor design expertise and always have access to professional management of your property and its assets.


As you begin looking for hardscaping design service in Berlin, CT, your best option is to make arrangements with a reliable full-service firm that will start the process with a detailed plan. This might include a water feature such as the fountain or small pool, or a beautiful and practical patio defined by a hand-built retaining wall, for example.

Whatever details you and your “partner” in hardscaping design service decide on, you can be sure that you’ll get the results that you want and deserve. Naturally, you’ll also have access to continued landscape management as well as essential services such as snow removal. That should be no surprise. It’s all part of the comprehensive service delivered by a leader in the field.

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