Has the Time Come for an Independent IT Assessment in Omaha, NE?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Information Technology is a field that is constantly moving forward. What was cutting edge a couple of years ago is hopelessly obsolete. While there is no doubt the network operated by the small business owner is effective, is it really all that it can be? The only way to know for sure is to arrange for an independent It Assessment Omaha NE. Here is what the professional can do for the client.

Possibility of Updates

There’s a good chance the hardware and software composing the network still have full support from the original manufacturers. In fact, there are updates that would make the network run more efficiently while using fewer resources. A complete It Assessment Omaha NE makes it possible to determine if enhancements of this type are possible. Along the way, the professional can help the client understand why those updates would extend the life of the current network by several years.

Adding New Elements

At times, there is nowhere to go with the existing elements in the network. The hardware is at full capacity and updates on the software are no longer being released for those versions. In this scenario, the professional is likely to recommend getting rid of certain elements and replacing them with more robust and up-to-date solutions. That same professional can handle the data transfer, so nothing is lost during the transition. The result will be a network that is faster, has more room to grow, and will provide more benefits in general than before.

Evaluating Security

How secure is the network? What would it take for a hacker to break through the defenses and gain access to proprietary data? As part of the assessment, the professional will leave nothing to chance. From recommending changing to newer operating systems, installing additional protections on servers, and even looking at more secure email clients, it’s possible to protect the network from outside attacks.

If it’s been a long time since anyone looked at the network, today’s the day to Click Here and find out how the team at Geeks! can help. In the best case scenario, the network will be up to date and solid. Should the team find any areas where improvements could be made, rest assured, they can provide the support needed to make the network bigger and better than ever.

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