Tips For Decorating With A Round Or Oval Mirror In Palmdale CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Mirrors are the favorite accessory of many an interior designer. Mirrors seem to work magic by adding light and space to any room, and they are also beautiful ornaments. If you have a round or Oval Mirror in Palmdale CA, consider the following decorating tips from expert interior designers.

One of the best places to use a large oval mirror is in the dining room, especially with chandelier lighting. The mirror can reflect the lights from the chandelier, adding both light and sparkle to the room. A large, beautifully framed oval mirror is perfect for an elegant ambiance.

Place a small round mirror on the wall beside the door you use the most when you exit the house, and put it at eye level. That way you can take one last look at your appearance before you leave for work.

Always think about what the mirror is reflecting when deciding where to place a mirror. It should reflect something attractive, not a messy closet or table where junk tends to collect. Some decorators place mirrors opposite a piece of artwork in order to reflect the pleasing image or colors of the art.
A mirror’s frame is very important. Make sure the frame, whether wood or metal, complements the color of the furniture in the room. If you like the size and shape of a mirror but not the frame, consider having a frame custom made.

A mirror should always provide a clear reflection, so avoid etched glass. It’s also important to keep a mirror beautiful by cleaning the dust off of it regularly.

When placing a mirror over a piece of furniture, make sure the mirror has a narrower width than the furniture. Some designers recommend using a mirror no more than two-thirds the width of a sofa or chair.

If you want to use a small mirror in a large space, add wall sconces on either side to add width. A mirror can also be extended with the right frame.

A final decorating tip comes from the practice of feng shui, which is all about creating the right flow of energy in a space. Avoid placing mirrors so that they face a sleeping area as this drains away positive energy. For more information about using an Oval Mirror in Palmdale CA, Contact Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company.

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